Naturally Speaking: Transplant volunteer trees

Jerry Davis

Photo by Jerry Davis.

Making seeds is what cones in conifers and fruits in other plants do. These propagules fall, sometimes drift, to the ground and a few of them grow into what made the seed.

We can purchase saplings if we need another tree, or we can take advantage of the planting process as it occurs in nature.

Most times that new tree is not where we want it or where a neighbor doesn’t want it, either.

Even uncommon trees reproduce naturally. Gingko trees do it. There are hundreds of baby ginkgoes growing under some mature trees and a few tulip poplars, white pines, redbud shrubs and hackberries, too.

Autumn is a good time to transplant; spring works, too.

Moving a young tree is best when it is one to two years old. Usually, but not always, the juvenile leaves are similar to those on the adult tree.


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