Reedsburg Utility Commission helps Viking Village Foods save energy, money

Sally Turpin, energy service representative for Reedsburg Utility Commission, presents a check to Pam Coy, general manager/owner if Viking Village Foods, in support of an energy efficiency project. (Submitted photo)

Viking Village Foods wrapped up a refrigeration project that will reduce energy usage and save $13,000 in electricity costs each year.

The store collaborated with Reedsburg Utility Commission to complete the project.

The new coolers use electronically commutated motor evaporator fan motors and LED lighting to improve energy efficiency. They will reduce energy consumption by 164,000 kWh per year, which is enough to power 15 homes. The new ECM motors alone can be up to 75 percent more efficient than standard fans. They also create less heat and run quieter.

LED lighting not only uses less energy but also produces less heat, which saves additional money on cooling costs.

“When our customers take steps to conserve, they not only save on energy costs, but they also help to lessen demands on the local electric system,” said Brett Schuppner, general manager of Reedsburg Utility Commission, in a statement.

To pay for the project, Viking Village Foods worked with Reedsburg Utility Commission to apply for grants through WPPI Energy and Focus on Energy.

The Commission is currently accepting applications for another round of grant funding that aims to reduce usage by at least 100,000 kWh or 20 kW.


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