Take Time Dependence

Pastor Ray

Throughout our lives, all of us experience many interdependent relationships one of which is learning to rely upon one another. We can begin at the very earliest age and see the dependence of children upon their parents or some other adult. From childhood on throughout life we have this need of dependence.

Sad to say there are those who abuse this need of dependence whether in the family or community.  They keep using others to do for them what they could very well could have done for themselves.

However, on the other side of the coin the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual dependence we have is healthy when governed by the love of God and others.  We have shared before the acrostic “JOY:" Jesus, Others, Yourself. There is a great deal of truth here when our lives are lived out in that order. Our Lord taught us that the first and greatest commandment is “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your soul." The second commandment is “You shall love your neighbor as yourself." (Mark 12:30,31). Wouldn't it be great if we truly lived by His Word in all our relationships?

If so, families would regain the meaning that many have lost for one reason or another and drifted apart. Communities could regain some dignity from those who drain it dry by their lack of true love as stated above. Marriages could regain vitality with this true love over the great difficulty when husbands and wives have misplaced their priorities. Children, which are left to all but the parents for upbringing, could again hold a place of love in the home. All in all, the disease of abuse keeps creeping through the lives of all people and for what? It is time that Jesus needs to be placed first, others, second, and ourselves last in all lives. Many more people will sleep at night in peace when this order is kept preeminent. We will have less of the wrong kind of dependence and more of the right kind of interdependence, namely, that of God's family, whereby we serve one another in love. Here is the right kind of dependence based upon the love of God Who demonstrated by example for us and all people that we might have life and have it overflowing. (John 10:10).

Let us all take time to spend time with one another in love, peace and harmony. Again, let it be said, “Try it, you might like it.”


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