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Hariet Dehlinger

September 30

LITERATURE 1659-Robinson Crusoe us shipwrecked according to Daniel Defoe 

HISTORY-1659-Peter Stuyvesant of New Netherlands (New York) forbids tennis playing during religious services (the first mention of tennis in the United States) 

GOVERNMENT 1777-The Continental Congress flees to York, Pennsylvania as the British forces advance 

HISTORY-1787-First voyage around the world (The Columbia leaves Boston and returns in 1790, becoming the first American flagged ship to circumnavigate the globe) 

COMPOSERS 1791-Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute” premieres in Vienna 

PATENTS-1841-Samuel Slocum patents the stapler 

JUST BREATHE DEEPLY-1846-The anesthetic, Ether, is used for the first time by an American dentist, Dr. William Morton, to extracts a tooth 

CIVIL WAR-1864-Black solders are given the Medal of Honor for the first time 

PHOTOGRAPHY 1880-American amateur astronomer Henry Draper takes the first ever photograph of the Orion Nebula  

CITIES-1898-The city of New York is established 

SPORTS-1927-Yankee slugger Babe Ruth smacks his MLB record 60th homerun off Tom Zachary in the 8th inning of the Yankees win over the Washington Senators at Yankee Stadium 

HISTORY-1929-The first manned rocket plane flight by automaker Fritz von Opel 

SPORTS-1934-Babe Ruth’s final game as a Yankee goes 0 to 3 

SPORTS-1934-Charley O’Leary becomes the oldest person at 58 to get a hit in the majors 

COMPOSERS 1935-George Gershwin’s “Porgy and Bess” premieres in Boston 

PRESIDENTS-1935 The Hoover Dam, astride the border between the states of Arizona and Nevada, is dedicated by Franklin D. Roosevelt 

MOVIES-1936-Pinewood Studios opens in Buckinghamshire, England 

SPORTS-1939-The first televised college football game (Fordham vs. Waynesburg in New York City) 

HISTORY-1946 Twenty-two Nazi leaders, including Joachim von Ribbentrop and Hermann Goering, are found guilty of war crimes and sentenced to death or prison at the Nuremberg War Trials 

SPORTS-1947-The Yankees beat the Dodgers 5-3 in front of a record crowd of 73,365, (the first World Series televised)  

PAIN KILLERS-1949-American chemist Percy L. Julian at the Glidden Company announces an improved method for producing Cortisone 

TELEVISION=1950-Radio’s “Grand Ole Opry” is broadcast on television for the first time 

TRAGEDY-1955 American actor and cultural icon, James Dean, is killed in a car crash at age 24 

CHILDREN’S TELEVISION-1960-On Howdy Doody’s last show, Clarabelle the Clown, finally talks, saying, “Good Bye Kids” 

CHILDREN’S TELEVISION-1960-“The Flintstones”, the first animated sit-com created by Hanna-Barbera premieres on ABC in the U.S. 

HISTORY-1961-The bill for the Boston Tea Party is paid by Mayor Snyder of Oregon who wrote a check for $196, the total coast of all the tea lost  

PRESIDENTS-1962 President John Kennedy routes 3,000 federal troops to Mississippi as James Meredith registers for class at the University of Mississippi 

HISTORY-1962-Mexican-American labor leader Cesar Chavez founds the United Farm Workers 

POST OFFICE-1963-The 56th Postmaster General; John A. Gronouski of Wisconsin takes office 

ENTERTAINMENT 1965-Donavan’s first U.S television appearance (on “Shindig”) 

FLIGHT-1968-The first Boeing 747 rolls out 

ENTERTAINMENT 1968-The Supremes release “Love Child” 

RELIGION-1970-The new American Bible is published 

SPORTS-1972-Roberto Clemente is the 11th player to get 3,000 hits 

AIRPLANES-1975-The Hughes (later McDonnell-Douglas, now Boeing) Att-64 Apache makes its first flight 

HISTORY-1977-Due to U.S. budget cuts; the Apollo program’s ALSEP experiment packages are left on the Moon and shut down 

SPORTS-1978-The major Indoor Soccer League grants its first 6 franchises to Cincinnati 

SPORTS-1979-The Milwaukee Brewers lose 5-0 ending 213 straight games without a shutout 

TELEVISION 1984-CBS premieres “Murder She Wrote”, starring Angela Lansbury 

SPORTS-1989-Nolan Ryan’s perfect game is broken in the 8th inning but he gets his 300th strikeout 

TELEVISION 1991-Jerry Springer’s tabloid talk-show “The Jerry Springer Show” debuts  

AWARDS-1992-At the 26th Country Music Association Awards, Garth Brooks wins 

MILITARY-1993-U.S. General Colin Powell retires at 56 

COMPUTERS 1997-Microsoft releases the Internet Explorer 4 

WILDLIFE-2004-The first images of a live giant squid in its natural habitat are taken 600 miles south of Tokyo 

DISEASES-2014-A case of the Ebola Virus reaches Dallas, Texas 

MIRACLE-2017-An Indonesian man survives a fight with a giant python 7.8 feet long in Batang Gansai 

CLIMATE CHANGE-2019-A 315 billion tonne iceberg named DZ8, calves from the Amery Ice Shelf in Antarctica


1627-Robinson Crusoe, fictional character according to Daniel   Defoe 

1631-Wiliam Stoughton, American judge at the Salem Witch Trials 

1861-William Wrigley Jr., American industrialist  

1876-Katherine Griffith, American actress (“Pollyanna”) 

1882-Hans Geiger, German physicist and co-inventor of the Geiger  Counter 

1901-Philip Dorn, Dutch actor, (“I Remember Mama”) 

1917-Buddy Rich, American jazz drummer and bandleader, (Buddy Rich Band-“Away We Go”) 

1917-Irving B. Kahn, American inventor of the Teleprompter 

1921-Deborah Kerr, American actress, (“The King and I”, “The  Chalk Garden”, “The Night of the Iguana”, “Casino Royale”, “From   Here to Eternity” 

1924-Truman Capote, American author, (“In Cold Blood,” “Murder  By Death”, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”) 

1928-Elie Wiesel, Jewish Auschwitz survivor and author, (“Night”, Nobel Peace Prize -1986) 

1931-Angie Dickinson, American actress, (“Police Woman”, “Rio   Bravo”, “Ocean’s Eleven”) 

1935-Johnny Mathis, Vocalist, (“Chances Are”, “The Twelfth of     Never”, “Misty”, “It’s Not For Me to Say”)

1942-Dewey Martin, Canadian rock vocalist and drummer,    (Buffalo Springfield)