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Conboy sentenced for mistreating cattle

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Bill Pegler

Raymond Conboy, age 51, appeared in Adams County Court on Sept. 22 facing nine counts of mistreating cattle and failing to provide food for them while he was living in the Town of Lincoln.

On July 12, 2018, Deputy Simons, the assigned humane officer for the Sheriff’s office, inspected the property and observed that the calves were lethargic, and many had large numbers of flies in their eyes, ears and noses. While they did have access to water,  whole kernel corn present as food which was  inappropriate for calves. The calves were severely malnourished, according to Deputy Simons. A nearby bull that was tied up to a tree was also inspected. It had access to water, but the surrounding area had been grazed bare by the bull. One calf died while Deputies were inspecting the property. Remnants of calves were also found.

 According to the 2018 criminal complaint, Conboy was purchasing calves at $25 a head with the hopes of turning them around quickly and selling them for $75-$100. Once he had the animals, several days would pass before he would even check on the animals. His neighbor advised him that the calves needed attention at least three times a day but Conboy would not provide food or water.

When the calves eventually died, Conboy brought the carcasses to his neighbor’s property to burn, according to the complaint. In all, the neighbor burned at least 20 carcasses and showed the Deputies the location of the burn pit.

In late June, the neighbor observed swollen tongue disease but Conboy did not contact a veterinarian, according to the report.

Of the nine counts, Conboy pleaded no contest to four of them on Sept. 22. For one count of mistreatment of an animal causing death, Conboy was sentenced 60 days in county jail and two years of probation. He must serve 25 hours of community service. A second count of mistreatment of an animal leading to death brought two years of probation. Two years of probation were also handed down for each of the two charges of intentionally failing to provide food for an animal. Court costs of $1,922.00 are owed