Monroe County snowmobile trails are now open

All of Monroe County snowmobile trails are now open with the exception of the Elroy-Sparta bike trail from Kendall to Elroy due to bridge reconstruction and trails 42 and 43 northwest of Warrens also remain closed at this time. 
Some Jackson County trails connected to Monroe County trails are also open at this time.
While the trails are open, they are still considered to be in fair shape for now, however, there is more snow in the forecast for the end of this week as well as colder temperatures.
Monroe County has 10 snowmobile clubs that sent out groomers earlier this week packing the snow, but the clubs are asking that riders use caution as there are good spots and poor spots on the trails. There are also open field areas between Leon and Melvina and north of Sparta that still have minimal snow coverage and will be rough on sleds. 
There is also some logging going on just east of where trail 65 connects to trail 25 to Tomah and the bike trail to the Oakdale trail or trail 66. The logging is near the intersection and club members will be trying to mark it.
Riders are asked to use common sense when heading out to the trails. If they think the trails are too rough or temperatures are too warm, they should stay off the trails. 
Snowmobilers need to stay on the marked trails. It is illegal to operate a snowmobile on private property without the owner or lessee consent and landowners are not required to post signs on their property.
As some Monroe County landowners have sleds of their own and/or have allowed others to ride on their property, unless a rider has specific permission from that landowner to ride on their property, stay on the marked trails that the clubs have permission to use.
The most common violation is cutting corners on trails crossing private property. Riders are highly encouraged to follow the trail markers as trespassing on private property without consent could lead to trail closures, creating hardships for clubs and hurting all riders. 
Riders should also take note that in Wisconsin, it is illegal to operate a snowmobile on forest nursery planting areas or public lands which are posted or reasonably identified as an area of forest plan reproduction.
It is also illegal to operate on ski areas, slides or skating areas, except at marked locations or after stopping and yielding the right of way.
Operating on or across a cemetery, burial ground, school or church without consent of the owner is also illegal. 
You may not operate a snowmobile on an operating airport or landing facility without consent and you may not operate a snowmobile on Native American lands without the consent of the tribal governing body. 
Additional information on clubs and complete maps can be found on the Snowmobile Trails of Monroe County’s website at where riders should continue to check for up to date information on all of the trail conditions in Monroe County.

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