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City Council will decide April 5 on future of Armory

Lead Summary

By Reed Anfinson
Benson’s City Council will decide whether it is going to accept bids for the demolition of the Benson Armory or reject them to pursue options and costs for its future use.
Back in October, the council voted unanimously to move ahead with the demolition of the 1927 Armory building. But now that the bids are in front of it for a decision, there have been second thoughts among some members of the council.
Rather than take action on the bids at its March 15 meeting, the council delayed the decision to its April 5 meeting. That delay gave it time to discuss one more time whether the building should stand or be leveled.
Three bids were received:
MAAC, Inc. $78,950
Jim Riley & Sons $143,775
T&K Kennedy Excavating $154,329
As part of its strategic planning special meeting Saturday morning at the Benson Golf Club, the council debated the merits of preserving the building or proceeding with demolition.
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