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Just Chillin’ ‘quietly’ opens doors in Benson

Swift County Monitor - Staff Photo -

By Reed Anfinson
Swift County Monitor-News
The timing was just right. Tyler Timmerman, a 2020 Hancock High School graduate, was at a crossroads in his life, trying to decide about his future. His parents were also facing some decisions related to a rental property they own in Benson. The solution came together after a “heart to heart” conversation last spring prior to graduation.

Terry Timmerman, Tyler’s father and owner of Image Xperts, said his son confided in them that he did not want to go to college to pursue a business degree. He would rather just dive in and open a business, he said.  Covid restrictions also played a role in the decision.

Because there was a vacancy in the rental property downtown Benson at the corner of 14th Street and Atlantic Avenue, and Tyler had a desire to open a restaurant, they decided to act on the idea...
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